Sell your life insurance policy for cash and live the retirement you've earned.

Get the most out of your retirement by turning your expensive life insurance policy into a large cash payout. It takes less than 5 minutes to qualify.

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How to assess your health.

Please select your health status by comparing your health to that of people your age.

  • Above average – Exceptional health relative to the average person my age
  • Average – Average health relative to a person my age
  • Slightly below average – Chronic but manageable health conditions that require ongoing treatment and care but do not have a significant impact on quality of life relative to my peers
  • Well below average – Major or severe medical conditions that have a significant impact on my quality of life
  • Terminal – Irreversible medical conditions that will significantly reduce my life expectancy, such as late stage cancer
  • What is a life settlement?

    Many seniors don’t know that if you no longer need or want your life insurance policy, you can sell it for cash. That’s a life settlement. You can use that money to pay for medical, retirement, long-term care, or any other expenses you choose.

  • You could get tens of thousands of dollars in a life settlement.

    Lighthouse Life has helped people just like you receive tens of thousands of dollars by selling their policies instead of surrendering them back to the insurance company, or cancelling them outright. After all, your policy is your property. You have the right to sell it. For many seniors, it’s a wise financial move.

  • You’re protected.

    At Lighthouse Life we’re passionate advocates for seniors. We will fight to help you get what’s rightfully yours. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners also recommends life settlements as a way for seniors to finance long-term care. Life settlements have been legal for more than 100 years, and they’re highly regulated across the U.S.

A quick, easy process.

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